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Tourline Express international and national messenger services
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General conditions

Opening a credit account

Users interested in enjoying the benefits of Tourline Express services can open a credit account and become preferential clients on payment of an annual charge of 56 euros.

The cost of services requested by users who do not pay the annual charge will be increased by 20% over the present rates.


On weekdays, our offices are open from 8 am to 2 pm and from 4 to 7 pm. . Summer times (July and August) are from 8 am to 2.30 pm and from 4.30 to 7 pm for weekdays.

Services requested outside these times may optionally be provided, with an increase in rates (please contact your local office for details).

Tourline Express Internal Coverage of Goods

Goods circulating in our network are covered by default by the provisions of Law 15/2009, of November 11, on contracts for overland goods transport, and, optionally, for those clients so requesting, by Tourline Express Internal Coverage of Goods (Cobertura Interna Tourline Express, CITE), according to the provisions established in these general conditions.


In compliance with the duties established under Law 15/2009, of November 11, on contracts for overland goods transport, compensation for loss or damage shall not exceed one-third of the IPREM/day for each kilogram gross weight of goods lost or damaged, whilst compensation for late delivery shall not exceed the cost of the transport.
If CITE coverage is not taken out, compensation shall be as established in Law 15/2009, of November 1, on contracts for overland goods transport.


2.1. General Internal Coverage based on the shipping fee

a. Merchandise value up to a maximum of €1,200 per delivery. All content except merchandise expressly excluded.
Fee: 8% of the total shipping fee.
The following merchandise has a €300 deductible: Mobile telephone/accessories and computer equipment/materials.

b. Merchandise value up to a maximum of €1,200 per delivery. All content except merchandise expressly excluded.
Fee: 16% of the total shipping fee.

c. Merchandise value up to a maximum of €3,000 per delivery. All content except merchandise expressly excluded.
Fee: 32% of the total shipping fee.

2.2. General Internal Coverage based on the content’s declared value

a. Merchandise value up to a maximum of €6,000 per delivery. All content except merchandise expressly excluded.
Fee: 8% of the shipping fee plus 0.5% of the merchandise’s value.
Limit of €6,000 with a minimum fee of €1.50.

b. Merchandise value up to a maximum of €6,000 per delivery. All contents except merchandise expressly excluded.
Fee: 16% of the shipping fee plus 0.5% of the merchandise’s value.
Limit of €6,000 with a minimum fee of €1.50.

c. Merchandise value up to a maximum of €6,000 per delivery. All contents except merchandise expressly excluded.
Fee: 32% of the merchandise’s declared value.
Limit of €6,000 with a minimum fee of €1.50.

* Option a, b or c depending on the CITE option contracted regarding the shipping fee.



Tourline Express Internal Coverage is applicable exclusively to goods. Shipments of documents are insured for their printing costs and never for creation or preparation costs. Compensation payments for goods will be made only for their replacement value and never their retail value.

Compensation payments for used goods, in the case of a total write-off, will be subject to 20% depreciation on the original value for every year since their purchase date.

Moreover, only the cost of repairs will be paid on claims made for damage to goods.



Goods aged Depreciation applied
 Less than 1 year  0 %
 More than 1 year  20 %
 More than 2 years  40 %
 More than 3 years  60 %
 More than 4 years  80 %
 More than 5 years  100 %

All shipments will be transported under general Tourline Express Internal Coverage, charged accordingly, for their transport costs, unless the client expressly declines this coverage and charge, or if, due to their nature, the goods are excluded from Tourline Express Internal Coverage.

Without prejudice to the coverage contracted, in all cases the compensation established in Law 15/2009, of November 11, on contracts for overland goods transport, shall prevail when this is higher than that provided for under the type of CITE coverage selected by the client.


Losses, damage and expenses resulting wholly or partially, directly or indirectly, from the following circumstances are expressly excluded:

  • Wilful misconduct by the insured party.
  • Infringements of the rules and regulations governing shipment, import, export and transport. Breach of embargo, contraband and clandestine, illegal or prohibited trade, activities or trafficking.
  • Spontaneous combustion of the insured goods.
  • Inherent defect or intrinsic quality of the insured goods or defect in manufacture or construction.
  • Radioactive matter, atomic transmutation or atomic or nuclear fusion or fission or any other nuclear reaction.
  • Natural shrinkage, use and wear of insured goods.

Tourline Express Internal Coverage covers direct, material damage: no compensation will be made for indirect damage, such as losses due to sales not made, differences in exchange rates and loss of market or guarantee of origin.


  • Shipments in which the ORIGIN, CARGO and DESTINATION office are the same.
  • Goods that, according to current law, Tourline Express is not permitted to transport.
  • Objects of exceptional and/or antique value.
  • Precious stones and real pearls.
  • Precious metals (gold, silver and platinum).
  • Jewellery.
  • Artworks, antiques and rare objects of unconventional value.
  • Lacework, embroidery or fabrics with fine metals and real silk lace.
  • Coin and stamp collections.
  • Insufficiently packaged goods:
  1. Computer equipment, monitors, televisions and any other electrical appliances not contained in the original packaging.
  2. All recipients made from glass, plastic, etc., containing liquids that could damage the other goods, if not transported with the appropriate bottle protection packaging, designed for this purpose and available from the TOURLINE EXPRESS Purchasing Department, or in their original box, as long as the original box meets safety standards and contains separators (cardboard or bubblewrap). In case of breakage, if packaging is appropriate, compensation will be given only for the broken recipients. In the case of defects in the labelling of the recipient (due to staining), if the recipient is numbered on the label, compensation will be paid for the original recipient. If not numbered, the cost of relabeling the recipients affected will be paid.
  3. Christmas hampers and similar goods contained in wicker baskets, and goods protected only by cellophane paper, are not covered by Internal Goods Coverage in case of write-off, as they are considered to be “insufficiently packaged goods”.
  4. Pottery ware (plates, cups, figures) and goods made from ceramic or pottery are considered insufficiently packaged goods if not transported with separators (bubblewrap, cardboard). Moreover, it is COMPULSORY to attach “VERY FRAGILE” labels, and that these labels should be attached beside the bar code for the shipment. In the case of shipments comprising more than one package, “VERY FRAGILE labels should be attached to each separate package.
  5. Glass and glass products (car windows, mirrors) are considered to be insufficiently packaged goods if not transported with adequate protection. That is to say, that this type of goods will not be covered if they are packaged only in a cardboard box. These goods should be covered in bubblewrap and inner packaging to prevent movement.
  6. A shipment is considered to be insufficiently packaged when it is possible to gain access to its contents without the need to damage, break, harm, cause deterioration to and/or alter packaging. In such cases, shipments will not be covered by Internal Goods Coverage, as they will be considered to be insufficiently packaged.
  7. Any shipment transported in a standard envelope without protection of any kind (plastic, card, internal protection material, etc.) will be considered insufficiently packaged.
  8. Any shipment that might suffer damage of any kind, that is transported in a cardboard box not protected by appropriate materials, such as bubblewrap, cork, etc., will be considered insufficiently packaged.
  9. “VERY FRAGILE” labels must be attached to shipments containing fragile goods (glass, ceramic, decorative figures, plates, cups…).
  10. The client is responsible for ensuring that goods transported are suitably packaged.
  11. TOURLINE EXPRESS reserves the right to judge whether any shipment is in appropriate safety conditions for transport and, if not, to require the office concerned to change and/or improve said packaging so that it can be transported and, therefore, covered by Internal Coverage.
  • Corrosive or inflammable materials.
  • Explosive materials.
  • Poisonous materials.
  • Fresh, refrigerated or frozen meat, fish, seafood and goods requiring refrigeration for their conservation.
  • Press materials, in any of their various forms.
  • Damaged goods or goods for repair (in case of loss, full compensation will be given to the value of goods only when these are under guarantee. If not, the Depreciation Table reproduced in Section 3 will be applied. In cases of damage with repair note, compensation will be given for damage not included in this note. Goods without repair note will be referred to loss adjustor’s report). 
  • Documents and photocopies of any kind that have a value higher than the goods in themselves.
  • Commercial effects, banking effects, cash, deeds including property deeds, bills of exchange, bank notes, bonds or documents made out to the bearer.
  • Tickets for flights or any other means of transport.
  • Lottery tickets or football pools (whether or not they are prize-winning).
  • Mobile telephone cards (post-paid, pre-paid, telephone box and contract).
  • Tickets for shows, concerts, football matches, etc.
  • Materials acquired at auctions. In case of write-off occurring to this type of goods, for valuation purposes, their age will be considered to date from their acquisition by their first owner, and note the date of purchase at auction, and the Depreciation Table reproduced in Section 3 will be applied.


In accordance with the provisions of Law 15/2009, of November 1, on contracts for overland goods transport, the recipient must present any claims to the carrier in writing, providing a general description of the loss or breakage, upon receiving the goods. In cases of loss or breakage not immediately apparent, claims must be lodged within seven calendar days of receiving the goods.
Once the claim has been presented within the period allowed, legal action undertaken with regard to the transport contract will prescribe in one year.


Clients pursuing claims under Tourline Express Internal Coverage must provide the office with the following documentation within 75 days after the shipment is sent:

1. A letter claiming for damages or loss:

This letter should be the original and should bear the client’s letterhead, signature and stamp.
Moreover, it should clearly state the goods damaged and their cost value.
In the case of goods sent for repair, the client should expressly mention this fact.

2. Proof of contents of shipment:

This proof shall be made by providing a photocopy of the original invoice between the sender and the recipient (stating all goods dispatched) and a photocopy of the original bill for the initial purchase of the goods (invoice proving acquisition of the damaged goods from the initial supplier). Should these bills be dated after the dispatch of the shipment, the delivery note or order for the goods, which should be dated before or on the date of dispatch, should also be provided.
If the client cannot provide such bills to prove the value of the contents due to such unavoidable reasons as their being the manufacturer of the goods, or that the goods are samples, prototypes, etc., and in order to provide the goods dispatched by this client with the protection of the Tourline Express Internal Coverage contracted, unequivocal proof must be provided of the goods’ “average current market value”. In such cases, the maximum compensation will be calculated by applying a 30%* discount to this value.

3. Release document signed by the client. This document will be provided by the client’s office.

4. In the case of damage to goods, an estimate for repair.

5. In the case of theft, a copy of the statement made before the competent authority.


The collection, delivery and transport of packages or objects whose contents are illegal, immoral or contrary to good custom, or which constitute illegal trafficking, is prohibited. The client shall be liable for any legal action and damages that might be incurred through breach of this rule, and Tourline Express, Tourline Express staff and any third parties that Tourline Express might contract are free from all liability. No live animals, corrosive or noxious liquids, perishable foods, explosive or inflammable materials, cash, jewellery, artworks, weapons or inflammable or explosive aerosols are accepted. Air dispatches are subject to IATA rules and regulations.


Shipments to Andorra, the Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla and Gibraltar may suffer delays due to customs controls. Unless otherwise instructed by the sender, the consignee is responsible for paying autonomous community and any other taxes. Shipments to these destinations must be accompanied by an invoice or statement of contents with five copies, duly signed and stamped, containing the following information:

  • Name or company name, VAT number, full address of sender and consignee.
  • Number of packages and detailed description of goods.
  • Total value for customs purposes.
  • Reason for the export. Specify if temporary (except documentation).

Canary Islands: • Low value is considered low value shipments , the documentation provided is NOT commercial invoice or proforma invoice , its value not exceeding € 1,000 and weight not exceeding 30 kg .
• High Value All shipments whose documentation is commercial invoice or proforma invoice, if the documentation provided is a statement of content and its value exceeds € 1,000 or weight exceeds 30 kg ) Office of Export -DUA is generated.

Andorra: All shipments whose value exceeds 12 euros (high value) must be accompanied by a pro-forma invoice. Moreover, a supplement will be charged for customs clearance.

Ceuta, Melilla and Gibraltar: A supplement will be charged for customs clearance to all shipments whose weight exceeds 1 kg (high value).

Additional charges

An additional charge of 3.72 euros will be made on all shipments that require a second delivery due to incorrect information provided by the sender or inconvenient times required by the consignee.
An additional mileage charge of 0.59 euros/km may be applied for services in towns other than that where the local office is located. Whether or not this charge is applied depends on the service specific requested.

Deliveries in Large Areas and Shopping Centers must be made at the time established by said Large Area / Shopping Center without additional costs for delivery, specific time or waiting time.


Deliveries to PO boxes are not accepted. The company reserves the right to refuse to transport goods that are defective in their packaging, presentation or safety towards other goods transported (Law 15/2009). The sender can request confirmation of delivery: POD (cost: 3.72 euros) or the client’s own digitised delivery note (cost: 2.00 euros).

There will be a surcharge of 3.72 euros for second deliveries in towns with a Tourline Express office.

For all other destinations, please enquire at your local office.


TThe collections in towns without delegation, requested en route with a day in advance, will not suffer an increase over the price of the requested base service.
The collections in populations with or without delegation requested one day in advance and a time slot, will suffer an increase by the band over the price of the requested base service.
If requested on the same day, will be applied, with the consent of the payer, the round trip mileage from the nearest agency at a rate of 1.15 euros / km. and an additional cost to be made in the day.

General conditions

Mileage rates from the local office to destination towns may be changed due to circumstances governing road links or zone coverage. Exceptionally, and due to changes in Tourline Express logistics, the company reserves the right to change these distances this year.

Air dispatches may suffer changes in delivery times due to circumstances beyond our company’s control.
In services to Portugal, delivery times to some postcodes will increase by 24 hours. Please enquire at your Tourline Express office about the postcodes in the D+1 service. In the case of the Portuguese islands, delivery times may be increased by more than 24 hours. Please enquire at your Tourline Express office.

Tourline Express accepts no liability for any disruptions to correct service due to force majeure.

Legal disclaimer

Regarding any disputes or legal action that may arise from interpretation of these rates, users renounce any other jurisdiction and submit to the courts and tribunals of the jurisdiction elected by the company.

Prices listed are without VAT (18%).

Tourline Express accepts no liability for any disruptions to correct service due to force majeure or circumstances beyond the company’s control.

The company reserves the right to cease providing its services and to end commercial relations with the client if said client fails to make prompt payment of all amounts outstanding, or fails to comply with these terms and conditions.

The client acknowledges and accepts the company’s instructions, conditions, rules and regulations governing its services.

Size and weight

The maximum limit per package is 40 kg.

The sum of the height, width and depth of goods must not exceed 240 cm, except when one side is less than 10 cm long, when the sum of height, width and depth must not exceed 320 cm.

Use the following formula to calculate the cubic capacity

High x Depth x Width / 4000 - land shipping (national, regional and provincial)

Height x Depth x Width / 6000 - air shipment

High x Depth x Width / 5000- international air shipment

Example terrestrial national shipment: For a standard Tourline Express box of 40 x 49 x 27.4 cm
(40 x 49 x 27.4 cm) / 4000 = 13.43Kg

Consult with your regular delegation for deliveries to the Canary or Balearic Islands.

Protection and safety


For all dispatches, Tourline Express provides highly-resistant plastic envelopes that protect against all damage from handling, and non-breakable safety seals to ensure privacy. The sizes of the envelopes are:

  • 22 cm x 33 cm
  • 34 cm x 42 cm
  • 45 cm x 60 cm

8.30 am service, 48-hour service and Multiexpress are provided with special distinguishing envelopes to make them easily identifiable, as well as protecting their contents. Tourline Express also provides pre-paid envelopes.


Mailbag services are provided with multi-purposes packaging made from highly-resistant material to ensure protection despite frequent use. These envelopes have resistance of 10 kg weight, can be used as often as necessary and have safety seal closing.

Computer tracking

The Tourline Express network provides a computer program for tracking and locating shipments. This enables users to ascertain the state of all their shipments at all times. Each shipment travels with a label with bar code that makes it unique. Optic readers check these bar codes to ascertain the state, in real time of all shipments in the network.

Cardboard boxes

For goods that, due to their volume, do not fit into Tourline Express envelopes, two different types of box have been designed. These boxes have the following sizes:

  • 23x18.8x13.6 (2 kg)
  • 35x18.8x13.6 (3 kg)
  • 40x27.4x13.6 (5 kg)
  • 40x24.4x27.4 (10 kg)
  • 40x40x27.4 (15 kg)

Besides these boxes, there is also another design, 10x10x80 in size, designed to transport plans, documents of a larger than normal size, etc.

Both have corporate design and are stackable, so that they be piled without damaging the goods they contain.

Bubblewrap envelopes

A highly-resistant envelope will be provided for diskettes, CDs, microchips, etc. Adapted to the size of their contents (17 x 24 cm), these envelopes are protected on the inside by bubblewrap. Another envelope with bubblewrap protection on the inside, measuring 34 x 42 cm, has been designed for other fragile goods.

Packaging for bottles

Bottles transported around the network will be protected by a polyethylene structure designed to adapt perfectly to their size. This structure is placed inside a cardboard box to prevent bottles from moving. This new packaging holds 1 or 3 bottles.

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