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Fuel surcharge

The price of petrol rose significantly in 2008 and in previous years. This led to a series of actions being taken within the industry during June 2008 and launched a debate amongst all affected parties. This debate led to the Spanish National Fair Trade Commission to recommend including a clause within transport contracts allowing fuel prices to be revised as diesel prices increased.

In Order FOM/2184/2008, dated July 23, a formula was established for this price revision, representing a practical way to determine it. As of october 2012, if fuel prices increase by 5%, transport rates will increase by 0.1% for each 1% increase in the price of petrol.

This increase will be applied quarterly on all our rates only in those cases where petrol prices grow more than 5% over the Official Price as published by the Spanish Ministry of Public Works.

  December 12 January 13 February 13 March 13 April 13 May 13 June 13
Price (Euros) 1,419 € 1,443 € 1,469 €         
Quarterly reference              
  July 13 August 13 September 13 October 13 November 13 December 13  
Price (€uros)              
Quarterly reference              

Consult the Ministry of Public Works website.

Below we provide a table where you can clearly see the increase to be applied depending on the increase (in Euros) of diesel prices. See table

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